“O ye who believe! fasting is prescribed for you, as it was prescribed for those before you, so that you may become righteous.” Qur’an 2: 183

Ramadan 2015 / 1436 Prayer Times Schedule (Daar-ul-Islam Masjid)

Ramadan Tentative Schedule 2015




Daar-ul-Islam Masjid

Prayer Iqama Times
Fajr  4:30 am
Dhuhr 1:20 pm
Asr 6:30 pm
Maghreb 10 mins after sunset
Isha 10:15 pm
Taraweeh After Isha
Jumaa (1st) Start: 1:00 pm
  Iqama: 1:30pm
Jumaa (2nd) Start: 2:00 pm
  Iqama: 2:30pm

location 162102 640 517 Weidman Road 
 Ballwin, MO

 63011, USA

How to Pray


Daily Prayer Times




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